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Last Man Standing 

In case some of you haven’t heard, or perhaps you were too young to even watch Home Improvement before it’s syndication, Tim Allen is back on primetime!

Tim Allen, whom so many of us got to grow up with as “Tim the tool man Taylor,” or even “Santa Claus,” will be the star of ABC’s new sitcom "Last Man Standing.” Tim plays Mike Baxter, an executive for a sporting-goods store who’s married with three daughters. I know, the plot sounds a little familiar, yeah? Well i’m not complaining. In fact, the more alike to Home Improvement that this show is, THE BETTER!

Maybe it’s because he reminds me of my own father, or maybe it’s because I always wished Santa Claus was real, but I just love me some Tim Allen. I’ve long awaited his return to TV and my prayers have been answered! “Last Man Standing” premieres TONIGHT! on ABC at 8pmEST. 

For an in-depth review on the first and second episode(airing back-to-back tonight), visit this article at (My absolute favorite TV show source.)